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Blair Academy is a private school in Irvine, California.

Blair Academy started from 2019, teaching has been provided to over 5000 students.

  • Daily English Learning

    Blair Academy offeres daily English online live course. Students from Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, etc., can attend synchronized courses in the United States, taught by American real teachers.

  • Summer&Winter Vacation Learning

    Blair Academy offers summer and winter courses, including entrepreneurship, science camps, sociology camps, etc.

  • Studying in the United States

    Helped thousands of students, planned and assisted in their applications based on their family and academic situation.

  • Test Prep and Contest Training

    KET, PET, FCE, ACE, TOEFL, and IELTS Prep. Speech competition training.

Summer&Winter Camp

The summer camp lasts for two weeks from the end of July to early August each year. We assist in processing US visas. The summer camp is a daytime camp, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Winter camp is vary in Spring Festival.

Online Courses

Blair Academy has daily English Courses and High School Diploma Course.Daily online classes include group classes and one-on-one sessions. The course cover Phonics, English reading, English writing, English Exam Preparation, and English speaking. The High School Curriculum is a 4-year continuous program that follows California teaching standards-Common Core. By completing all credits, attendance, exams, assignments, students can obtain a California high school graduation diploma.

Study Abroad

Blair Academy provides overseas study plans, targeting students aged 6-14 who want to study at elementry school or middle school, and age 15-18 who want to go to high school and college in the United States, and offer English exam training and private school interview training. Blair Academy also provides assistance with student enrollment applications and offer student dormitories in Porter Ranch.

Porter Ranch is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California with a population of 17,102. Porter Ranch is in Los Angeles County and is one of the best places to live in California.

Free Assessment

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H1B Announcement (2/15/2024)

Position : Marketing Analyst Bilingual Mandarin


Dental, Life, Medical, Retirement, Vision
$23 to $30 per hour

LAC SOC Code and Occupation Title


Job Responsibilities:

1. Develop a marketing strategy specific to Chinese Mainland to promote the sales of products or services and brand awareness.
2. Conduct market research and competitive analysis, especially on the sales prices and strategies of local private schools and after-school classes in Irvine, to identify opportunities and challenges, and formulate corresponding strategies.
3. Design and execute offline marketing activities, including event planning, organizing conferences and exhibitions, and collaborating with partners. I need to participate in various school district exhibitions, teacher recruitment fairs, marathons, fundraising activities, etc. in Orange County
4. Establish and maintain good relationships with educational institutions, organizations, schools, and various school districts or related industry partners in Orange County.
5. Strictly implement marketing budgets, ensure effective utilization of resources, and achieve expected marketing goals.
6. Cooperate with the team of the Chinese company to understand the price of tutoring and studying abroad in the Chinese Mainland market, find the concentration of the population, and customize products to meet customer needs.
8. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities, and adjust and optimize based on feedback and data.

Job Requirements:

*Bachelor's degree or above in marketing or a related field..
*Strong background in Chinese Mainland is preferred.
*Has strong perseverance and multitasking ability.
*Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, able to collaborate with people of different levels and backgrounds.
*Has creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, able to work effectively in fast-paced environments.
*Having a deep understanding of data analysis and market trends, able to make effective decisions based on data.

If anyone has any question about the H1B process, please contact Mr. McCloskey ASAP.

Feb 15th, 2024